Antikvariaatti Kirja- ja Lehtilinna

Antique Book and Magazine castle was founded in 1984. Business has been operating since the beginning of used books and cartoons, as well as collectibles and hobby magazines.
In 1997, the portfolio became Warhammer products, sales of which however was closed in 2010. Books that we have about 15 000 and others uncounted number.

We buy, sell, and our assessment of the minor and major book and comic book items. You can also leave a lack of list, we will contact you to have your desired product. We hope to get feedback and requests.

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You can search books from our site with this (requires support for JavaScript).

Following symbols are used in our price list:

Condition : K5 = new book...K2 = worn-out

Others: Sid. = hardcover, Nid. = paperpack, Kp. = cover paper, Ns. = leather, p. = edition,
A = Album, L = Magazine

Raimo Kreivi